Canceling a Payout Request

There may be certain cases where you may need to cancel a payout transaction, for example, if the user changes their mind and wants to leave the funds in their wallet, or if they want to adjust the amount of the payout.

A previously created payout can be canceled if it has not yet been paid out.


Only payouts with a status of FUNDS-IN-ESCROW or FUNDS-IN-ESCROW-ON-HOLD may be canceled.

To cancel a payout request

Canceling payout requests requires an API token with the scope write_process_credits.

curl --location --request DELETE '<account_id>/payout/<payout_status_id>' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <Access_Token>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

Although you are using the DELETE method, the payout record is not deleted. Instead, the record is updated to reflect that the request has been canceled. A success response includes the payout object with updated status information.

Note that the payout status has been updated to SUPPORT-REJECT-TRANSFER-INITIATED, and credit status is now CANCELED.

  "status": "Success",
  "messages": [],
  "codes": [],
  "payload": [
            "payout_status_id": "5771d366-dcbb-4c22-9d60-ecdeacf0d6e4",
            "credit_id": "71043c7f-c20c-4ddb-af56-5dde3959e63d",
            "account_id": "682c8d3e-75ad-4d10-8b1a-1e15768e5d61",
            "created": "2020-08-07 19:16:07.477643",
            "updated": "2020-08-07 20:35:21.748722",
            "credit": {
                "destination_payment_method_id": "adaeca29-eda4-4bc0-87cc-1b7956420553",
                "amount": 50,
                "currency": "USD",
                "status": "CANCELED"

Upon cancellation of the payout, funds are returned to the source payment method (e.g., USD wallet balance).