Wallets and Payment Methods

Payment Methods refer to the supported payment instruments that can be used to conduct Tilia transactions in your environment. Payment methods may be credit cards, PayPal accounts, or Tilia wallet balances. Certain payment methods can be stored for future use or added for one-time transactions.

Wallets determine the amount of a given currency belonging to an account. An account may have multiple wallets, but each wallet belongs to only one account. For example, Alice may have a USD wallet and two in-game token wallets associated with their account. Wallet balance may be used as a payment method for Tilia purchases or transferred to the user via a payout, depending on your business rules.

Wallet properties

Wallets are automatically created for an account when a user is registered. The number of wallets and the wallet currency are configured for the integrator by Tilia.

Every wallet is assigned a unique identifier that is used in processing invoices and payouts.

Each wallet is associated with exactly one currency. The wallet's currency can be an ISO 4217 currency type or may represent your virtual tokens.

Wallets also maintain a balance amount, expressed in the lowest denomination of the wallet's currency. Refer to Working with currencies for details.

Wallets are created with a starting balance of 0. Funds can be added to the wallet through Tilia transactions such as user-to-user purchases or token purchases.

A user's current wallet balance can be retrieved by fetching the payment methods for the account. Refer to Get wallet balance for more information.

In addition to the end-user wallets, there are special integrator wallets that are associated with your organization. These wallets are used in moving funds around in the process of conducting Tilia transactions.