All-in-One Payment Platform for Digital Economies

Games, virtual world publishers, mobile applications and NFT providers use Tilia to power their digital economies. With Tilia you can accept payments, issue virtual tokens, manage in-game purchases, and enable users and creators to earn and extract real money.

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Grow in-Game Revenue and Profit Like Never Before

Tilia’s end-to-end solution allows developers and publishers to better monetize their games and virtual worlds.

Payment Processing

  • Boost margins through low cost payment processing
  • Backed by a leading national bank

Digital Wallet Management

  • Monetize and track in-game transactions
  • Build and operate token-based economies


  • Accept and pay out funds in real-world currency to users and creators
  • Meet required financial regulations

The Tilia Advantage

The majority of payment service providers exclusively manage either fiat or virtual currency. Few can enable the redemption of in-world currencies to real world currencies due to the high barrier to entry imposed by banking regulations. This innovation allows developers to offer users the ability to easily exchange in-world currencies for cash.

Our team has invested years and millions of dollars to build the infrastructure and obtain the licenses necessary to provide the unique offering that is Tilia.


Tilia offers a comprehensive solution – from payment processing to pay-outs – to support your digital economy.

Value-Added Services

Tilia provides industry-leading support services throughout the process including tax management, chargebacks and fraud protection.


Tilia is fully customizable to match your unique needs. Our flexible plans allow you to only activate the services you need– with the option to easily turn on additional functionality such as cash pay-outs as your digital economy evolves.


The only platform that can provide full end-to-end support for token-based digital economies.

Low Cost

Partnering with one of the world’s largest financial institutions allows Tilia to offer its customers low cost solutions throughout the payment process.

Tilia is Right for All Digital Economies

Get a launch-ready, feature-packed and compliant digital economy. Tilia offers software and services for building digital, in-world economies with the unique ability to convert real-world money into in-world currency and back.

We seamlessly manage regulated activities including Know Your Customer (KYC), fraud management and payout. The result is a flexible transaction system with support for virtually any use case and modern multi-tenant architecture based on micro-services.

Tilia does the work of establishing and managing a digital economy for you, so you can continue to innovate a robust virtual world for your users.


Grow revenue and profit by enabling in-game transactions and lowering payment processing costs.

Virtual Worlds

Build and manage fully functioning digital economies to support in-world communities.

Mobile Apps

Enhance in-app monetization and reduce processing costs.


Process payments to support all forms of digital goods including NFT’s.

Delivering Unparalleled
Partner Experiences

“Tilia helps us fulfill our promise of offering players true ownership of their digital property by allowing those goods to retain value in a fair and open marketplace”

Idan Zuckerman

Co-Founder, Upland

Leverage Our Existing Documentation Knowledge Base

Any solution can only be fully realized once you know how it works. Tilia offers extensive documentation, including high level overviews as well as detailed SDK and API notes. All the resources you need to integrate Tilia into your application.

Let’s Get Started

Games, virtual worlds and creator-driven platforms are constantly evolving - and so is Tilia. We’re invested in growing our technology and services to meet our partners' changing needs, no matter where that leads. Let’s build the new digital economy together.