Tilia Is A Complete Virtual Economy Solution

Tilia is a leading solution for monetizing virtual economies. We seamlessly manage regulated activities so you can join the movement to democratize user-generated content.

The majority of payment service providers exclusively manage either fiat or virtual currency. Few can enable the redemption of in-world currencies to real world currencies due to the high barrier to entry imposed by regulations. Tilia has invested years and millions of dollars to build the infrastructure and obtain the licenses necessary to provide the unique offering that is Tilia.


Tilia Inc. is registered as a money services business with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and licensed as a money transmitter in all U.S. States and Territories where licences are required. Tilia has therefore been thoroughly vetted through a rigorous application process by each jurisdiction. This process involves risk assessments, anti-money laundering and fraud prevention controls, extensive training, regular testing by independent auditors, and continuous examinations by State regulatory agencies


Some states have embraced FinTech and thus have more familiarity with emerging payment methods.

Certain states have passed bipartisan bills as they shape their attitudes towards this developing technology.

Understanding that the states each have unique regulations in this space requires proficient acumen to navigate.

Secure Transactions

With Tilia, your customers can trust that virtual economy transactions are safe, secure and compliant.

Mitigating the risk of fraud and unlawful activities from your digital marketplace engenders trust and promotes consumer participation.

Built to Scale

Tilia is the trusted solution for Second Life, the internet’s largest user-created virtual world, whose online assets comprised a GDP of $600 million in 2019.

We also work with Sansar, a virtual events platform that has radically transcended the concert-going experience, and Upland, a Blockchain virtual property game.

All-in-One Solution

Tilia is more than just systems, people and licenses. Tilia has the benefit of leveraging the unparalleled experience in virtual worlds and in-game currencies of its parent company, Linden Lab, that has operated Second Life for almost 20 years. Many companies implement awkward business models to avoid regulatory scrutiny. Tilia enables publishers to run their business the way they want to run it because Tilia shoulders the regulatory burden with robust systems and experienced compliance professionals.

Customer Support

Our services are backed by seasoned compliance staff and support professionals focused on providing the best customer experience.

Across the metrics of scale, niche and convenience, Tilia is the tool to keep you and your users safe. We handle the books so you can handle the Boss Battle of leveling up your business.