Accelerating Digital Creator Economies

Built by the team at Second Life to power its own digital economy, Tilia is the leading payment platform for game publishers, virtual environments, and creator economies globally.

Born from Linden Lab, the pioneers who have steered Second Life's virtual cosmos for two decades, Tilia emerged from a vision to infuse tangible value into virtual assets. Our journey began with recognizing the untapped potential of in-game economies to transcend the digital realm.

In a world familiar with payment processing and virtual wallets, Tilia's breakthrough lies in our legally compliant framework, enabling users to seamlessly convert virtual earnings into real-world currency.

Leveraging deep insights from virtual ecosystems, we've engineered a comprehensive suite of tools to facilitate payments, oversee digital transactions, and ensure smooth conversion to fiat currency, crediting directly to users' bank accounts.

Simultaneously, Tilia has cultivated an elite cadre of legal and security experts dedicated to navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance, safeguarding transactions, and pioneering cutting-edge fraud management strategies.

As we continue to evolve, Tilia remains committed to empowering users and developers alike, fostering an economy where digital and real-world finance converge with trust, ease, and innovation.

Our Partners

Our Board of Directors

As a growing contributor to the virtual space, Tilia is partnering with some of the biggest developer platforms, allowing creators to maximize growth by streamlining the development process.

Brad Oberwager | CEO, Director

Brad Oberwager has spent his entire career in technology and consumer focused companies as an entrepreneur and board member. Currently, he sits on the boards of two public companies, Asure Software (NASDAQ: ASUR) and Better World (NASDAQ: BWACU). He is the chairman of two companies he founded, Jyve and Sundia and is also on the board of TEGSCO (aka AutoReturn). He owned Bare Snacks, acquired by PepsiCo in 2018. Brad was Vice-chair of YPO International, a global organization of 25,000 CEOs. Brad received his BS from Georgetown University, his MBA from the Wharton School and lives in San Francisco.

Aston Waldman | CFO, Director, Treasurer

Aston is the CFO of Tilia LLC, where he’s responsible for the business of Tilia, and also serves on the Board of Directors of Tilia. Aston is also the CFO of Linden Research, Inc., the parent company of Tilia LLC, and as CFO of Linden, Aston oversees all financial matters of the company. Aston has over ten years of senior management experience at gaming / virtual world companies in Silicon Valley. Prior to Linden Lab and Tilia, Aston served as Corporate Controller at Trion Worlds, Inc. Aston began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he worked on a wide range of clients including Chevron, URS and SunPower. He is a CPA and received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia - Sauder School of Business.

Executive Leadership

At Tilia, we believe that great work comes from a culture of excellence and collaboration. Our executive leadership team is dedicated to setting the highest standards in terms of innovation, performance, and client service.

Tilia General Counsel David J. Kim

David J. Kim

General Counsel, Secretary
David is a highly experienced legal executive in the payments industry, with over 25 years of experience.  Previously he served as SVP and Chief Counsel at Visa Inc., VP and General Counsel at CyberSource Corporation, and also held executive legal roles at startups in the blockchain and capital markets industries.  He is currently the General Counsel and Secretary of Tilia LLC, where he oversees all legal affairs and collaborates closely on product and commercialization initiatives.
Tilia Chief Technical Officer Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson

Chief Technical Officer
Ray Johnson is the CTO at Tilia. He has an impressive array of accomplishments, including publishing technical papers, speaking at conferences, and contributing to a book. He graduated summa cum laude from both The George Washington University and the Georgia Institute of Technology. With over 25 years of experience managing engineering teams, he was most recently the SVP of Engineering at where he helped grow the company to $1B in internet advertising revenue. Ray is an incredibly qualified executive and an asset to the Tilia team.
Tilia Chief Technical Officer Ray Johnson

Antoinette O'Gorman

Global Chief Compliance Officer
Antoinette O'Gorman is the Global Chief Compliance Officer at Tilia. With over 20 years of financial sector expertise and practical experience in both U.S. and global banking across blockchain and digital asset regulatory matters, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Tilia team. She has held similar positions at State Street Digital, Ripple Labs, Inc. and PolySign, Inc. as well as strategic senior compliance roles at HSBC and MUFG banks. Antoinette holds a postgraduate degree in Business Administration and a BA in European Studies from University of Limerick, Ireland. She also attended the ABA Graduate School of Compliance Management at Emory University, USA, and is an ACAMS member.
Tilia Chief People Officer Trina Cooley

Trina Cooley

Chief People Officer
Trina is a progressive Chief People Officer at Linden Lab, challenging conventions to work smarter and reach farther. She is an approachable ally and advocate for team members, driving diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures. Prior to Linden Lab, Trina held leadership roles with Jyve Corporation, VSC and Jump Associates. Outside of the virtual office, Trina mentors and advises, amplifying development opportunities for women and serves as a death doula and active proponent in the harm reduction space.
Tilia Chief of Staff Cammy Bergren

Cammy Bergren

Chief of Staff
Cammy Bergren is a highly experienced and innovative leader in product and operations, having worked in technology and consumer-focused companies. Prior to joining Linden Lab, she co-founded Jyve Inc, a 'creator-driven' labor marketplace. She also served as COO for Bare Snacks before it was acquired by PepsiCo. Her career began at Accenture, where she led product strategy and implementation projects in the Financial Services Division. Cammy is a Marin County resident with a teenage daughter, and loves to travel with her family.

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