The Easy, All-in-One Payment Solution

Tilia's payment solutions can power your entire digital economy or just a portion of it, such as payment processing or payouts. Whether you're starting from scratch or already have some of the pieces in place, our products will seamlessly integrate into your digital economy. More engagement. More users. More revenue.



Process user payments
  • Low transaction fees
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Chargeback support and tax management services

Collect payments

Process users' payments by supporting multiple payment methods. Leverage built-in fraud, chargeback support, and tax management services.



Offer tokens and digital wallets, issued and managed by Tilia, for in-game transactions
  • Enable users and creators to buy and sell digital goods and services
  • US compliant Stored Value Wallet

Monetize user transactions

Offer branded tokens, issued by Tilia, and manage token-based Stored Value wallets, including US compliant token conversion to fiat currency. Give users and creators the ability to buy and sell digital goods and services using their digital wallets.



Payout digital wallet values to users in real money
  • Several payout currencies
  • Direct deposit to bank accounts

Convert virtual earnings into real-world revenue

Pay out funds, from the sale of digital goods and services, held in Stored Value Wallets to users and creators in the real world.  Make direct to bank payments in several different currencies with enhanced Fraud Protection and optional Tax Management support.

Our Partners

As a growing contributor to the virtual space, Tilia is partnering with some of the biggest developer platforms, allowing creators to maximize growth by streamlining the development process.

AWS Partner Badge

Tilia is proud to be part of the AWS Partner Network. The vast majority of games and virtual worlds operate using the AWS platform. We are thrilled to offer Tilia’s unique, all-in-one solution across such a vast user base.

Tilia is the only payment processing solution selected as a Unity Verified Solutions Partner. We’re proud to partner with one of the most popular developer platforms in the virtual landscape to help games and virtual worlds realize their full revenue potential. Unity developers can integrate Tilia’s suite of payment solutions from within the Unity Editor and launch a fully-functioning digital economy that is secure and legally compliant.

Maximize Growth in
Your Virtual Space

Tilia’s all-in-one payment solution makes it possible for users to buy and sell virtual items and services seamlessly. With Tilia, your virtual world will be transformed into a profitable economic space.

Contact us to learn more about how you can seamlessly integrate Tilia into your world.