Payment Solutions Built for the Digital Economy

Tilia’s suite of payment products are legally compliant, secure, and built to meet the unique demands of digital economies.

Effortless end-to-end payment solution and compliance management

Tilia helps game and virtual world publishers build compliant digital economies that provide real monetary value to users and publishers.

Converting between real money and in-game tokens is highly regulated, and Tilia is licensed to do so in all required US states and territories. We manage regulated activities so that you don’t have to.

What does that mean for you? A compliant and frictionless digial economy that’s ready to grow with your game or virtual world.

The Tilia Advantage


Tilia offers a comprehensive solution – from payment processing to pay-outs – to support your digital economy.

Customizable for every type of digital economy

Tilia’s payment products can be activated individually or used together as a fully integrated end-to-end solution to power your entire digital economy.


Tilia makes it possible to buy and sell virtual goods, virtual real estate and virtual services like never before. We do this by managing users’ stored value accounts, issuing tokens, facilitating user-to-user transactions, and maintaining a ledger.

Low cost

Tilia is able to leverage its scale and offer low-cost solutions, especially in payment processing.

Value added services

Tilia provides unmatched access to industry-leading services such as Tax Management, Chargebacks and Fraud Protection, plus customer support to ensure we’ve always got your back.

Providing a secure experience for your users

Tilia is not only customizable and affordable, we offer high-level security and other benefits out of the box that ensure an unparalleled user experience.

Security that never sleeps

Rest easy knowing that built-in safeguards and around-the-clock monitoring protect you from potential threats. Fraud management and anti-laundering screening keep you and your users safe from bad actors.

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Fraud Management
  • Chargeback Support
  • Anti-Laundering Screening

Customer service

Tilia’s customer support agents are available for assistance as you’re building and managing your digital economy. Get problems and issues resolved quickly.

Pay-in and pay-out methods

With multiple payment options available, Tilia gives your users the freedom to join your digital economy easily and without hassle. Additionally, retrieving money from their stored value wallets is seamless with the ability for them to connect their bank accounts securely to your digital economy.

Future-proof compliance

Converting money in and out of gaming and virtual worlds is highly regulated and requires specific licenses and reporting.  Tilia handles this complex and difficult process for you.  Our Money Transmitter Licenses in all required US states and territories ensure that your payouts will be compliant and align with required regulations.  Our on-staff compliance experts take care of everything to make sure that your gaming or virtual world is always on top of the latest regulatory changes.

  • Money Transmitter Licenses Across Required US states and territories
  • Regulatory Compliance and Financial Reporting
  • Know Your Customer Requirements

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Ready to build your
own digital economy?

Each digital economy is different. That is why Tilia’s payment solutions are built to adapt to your needs.

Contact us to see how you can easily integrate a digital economy that is compliant and secure.