VRChat Launches Creator Economy via Paid Subscriptions

Powered by Tilia LLC, New Platform Enables Creators to Monetize Their Creations and Experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, December 5, 2023 – VRChat today released Paid Subscriptions, the first phase of the VRChat Creator Economy, powered by Tilia LLC. With Paid Subscriptions, users in VRChat can subscribe to their favorite creators, supporting them financially. This change is the first step in building the VRChat Creator Economy, which will enable VRChat’s over half a million individual creators to receive compensation for their creations. At launch, Paid Subscriptions will allow world creators to craft unique, custom experiences for their supporters.

Paid Subscriptions are the first step in establishing the VRChat Creator Economy. In the near future, the Creator Economy will expand with even more tools to allow VRChat’s vibrant creative community to receive compensation for building visionary worlds, crafting beautiful avatars, putting on weekly concerts, streaming to their thousands of followers, or engaging in countless other creative pursuits.

“We’re thrilled to finally launch the first piece of the VRChat Creator Economy, Paid Subscriptions! Our community is responsible for everything magical in VRChat, and the Creator Economy enables us all to financially support our incredible creators. Our hope is that with more support, our creators can bring even more magical content to the platform,” says Graham Gaylor, CEO and Co-founder of VRChat.

VRChat’s Creator Economy is powered by Tilia, an all-in-one payment platform designed from the ground up to help facilitate digital economies. By handling the behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts of payments and compliance, Tilia has enabled VRChat to build out a system for its users that can grow over time.

“Tilia was built to support the unique and complex requirements for creator-based economies,” says Brad Oberwager, CEO, Tilia LLC. “We are proud to partner with such a recognized innovator like VRChat as they seek to further encourage, empower and enable their creators.”

Paid Subscriptions work alongside VRChat’s custom scripting language, Udon, to enable creators to craft unique experiences for their supporters. Likewise, Paid Subscriptions will also work with many of VRChat’s other systems, enabling pre-existing communities in VRChat to monetize with an extremely low level of friction. On top of that, new discovery tools combined with VRChat’s upcoming launch on Android and Pico 4 will introduce opportunities for creators to find plenty of new supporters.

“What we’re launching today is just the first phase of the VRChat Creator Economy. VRChat isn’t like other social platforms – the sort of communities that exist here are unique, and we want to do our best to support all of them. Over time, we plan to roll out and support each applicable use case of the Creator Economy. We want all creators in VRChat – no matter what they’re making – to be able to thrive on our platform,” says Gaylor.

About VRChat

Launched in 2014, VRChat is a social VR platform where all of the content is built by the users. Hang out in a bar on the moon, meet new friends attending a virtual rave, pilot a jet, play a round of minigolf, or just explore thousands of worlds that couldn't exist anywhere else. VRChat gives users unprecedented power to create (and be!) whatever their imagination can conjure up. VRChat is free and is available on Steam, Quest, Android, Viveport, and the Pico Store.

Tilia LLC is the all-in-one payments platform for digital economies. Through its payments infrastructure technology and as a licensed money transmitter in the U.S., Tilia is unlocking the full potential of online economies by providing secure, regulated transactions at massive scale.
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