Our Developer Guides are designed to help get you familiarized with Tilia concepts and give you a quick approach to getting up and running. For detailed information on our endpoints, check out our API Reference.

These guides are divided into the following sections:

Quick Start

Our quick start takes you through the bare essentials required to begin using Tilia.

Managing Users

This section walks you through the basics of registering new users, getting a user's wallet balance, and blocking/unblocking user accounts.

Processing Transactions

Tilia uses the concept of invoices to form the basis of Tilia transactions. These guides show you how to create and manage each of the supported invoice types:

  • Standard invoice: A standard purchase invoice involves collecting funds from the buyer and transferring them directly to the recipient or seller.
  • Escrow invoice: An escrow purchase invoice involves collecting funds from the buyer and holding them in an escrow account, until an agreed-upon condition is met. Once escrowed, funds can either be transferred to the seller, or refunded back to the buyer.
  • Virtual token purchase: This type of invoice enables a user to purchase tokens from you for use in other transactions. Tokens can be spent using both standard invoices or escrow invoices.
  • Virtual token conversion: This is a special type of invoice that can be used to exchange a user's convertible tokens to fiat currency. Refer to Virtual Tokens for more information.
  • Payout: Payout invoices are used to request that funds be transferred from a user's fiat wallet to an external account (e.g. PayPal.) Refer to Payouts for more information.