Our Web UIs offer prebuilt components that enable you to easily add Tilia functionality into your customer's checkout experience.

purchase flow widget

There are two ways you can integrate Tilia UIs:

Embed the Tilia widget in your own website. This is the recommended approach, as it means your users can interact directly with the Tilia flows without ever leaving your site. This option provides a secure, PCI-compliant experience for gathering a customer's payment details and collecting KYC data. Learn more about widget integration.

Redirect your customer to a Tilia-hosted page. This approach can be used if you need to get up and running quickly without making changes to your site, or in situations where integrating Tilia-provided widgets into your website does not work for you. Learn more about redirect integration.

Each style of integration supports the following flows:

  • The TOS flow checks to see if the account has accepted the latest version of the Tilia Terms of Service (TOS), and presents the TOS for acceptance if necessary. Learn more about the TOS flow.
  • The KYC flow checks to see if the account has valid Know Your Customer (KYC) data on file. If not, a UI will be presented to collect the required information and submit it for validation. Learn more about the KYC flow.
  • The Purchase flow enables the user to provide payment information in the context of a purchase. Users can choose from their available stored payment methods or add a new payment method. Learn more about the Purchase flow.
  • The Payout flow allows the user to provide account information in the context of a payout. Learn more about the Payout flow.