All users must agree to the Tilia Terms of Service to use Tilia. The TOS are presented as part of the TOS flow, and may also be presented as a prerequisite for any other flows.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a standard verification process that ensures compliance with local regulations. To select a payout method and start receiving payments, users must submit the required personal information via the KYC flow.

About Tilia Terms of Service (TOS)

When a user interacts with one of the Tilia web UIs for the first time (for example, to select a payment method), they are automatically prompted to accept the Tilia TOS. If the TOS has changed since the user last signed, they will be presented with the updated version.

For the latest version of the Tilia TOS, visit Terms of Service.

About Know Your Customer (KYC)

Users receiving funds in their Tilia wallets are required to submit KYC data, which must be validated and accepted by Tilia before funds can be recieved and/or paid out. KYC verification occurs synchronously and asynchronously, and users may need to submit their KYC details multiple times. For more information on KYC data requirements, refer to KYC flow.

You can check the KYC status for an account by calling our kyc endpoint. This endpoint retrieves the state of the latest KYC information that a user had submitted. Accounts must have valid KYC data on file (KYC state must return a value of ACCEPT) to request and receive payouts.


None of our endpoints return actual KYC data submitted by users.

To check an account's KYC status

Checking KYC status requires an API token with the scope read_kyc.

curl --location --request GET{account_id} \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <Access_Token>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

Sample response

    "status": "Success",
    "message": [],
    "codes": [],
    "payload": {
        "account_id": "09c9e3ee-8af5-4206-a395-13bba43e4fa2",
        "state": "ACCEPT"

Possible values for state are:

Value Description
NODATA No KYC data has been submitted for the account
ACCEPT The account's KYC data has been verified.
DENY The account's KYC data has been rejected.
MANUAL_REVIEW Tilia's Compliance Team is manually reviewing the submitted KYC data.
CANCEL Tilia's Compliance Team reached out to the user for more info and never received a response. User can submit new KYC application.
REVERIFY The account's KYC data must be resubmitted.

In the Staging Environment, KYC data is automatically approved. Thus, after completing the KYC flow, the value for state will always be ACCEPT.

For information on how personal data is used, visit our Privacy Policy.