PII (1.0.0)

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Use this API to verify the Know Your Customer (KYC) status for an account.

Tilia ensures your payout transactions meet KYC requirements by gathering and verifying your customer's identity information and related documents.

Users wishing to receive payouts are required to submit KYC data, which must be validated and accepted by Tilia before funds can be released. Users submit KYC data via the KYC flow, which may be called as a standalone or as part of the payout flow.

Whether or not your service should check KYC status depends on whether or not you are supporting payouts. If so, prior to initiating a payout request, you'll want to

  1. Check your customer's KYC status, and

  2. Send the customer through the KYC flow, if necessary.

KYC verification occurs both synchronously and asynchronously, and users may need to submit their KYC details more than once.

KYC information can not be modified through this API. Any changes must be made through Tilia Customer Support.



Security Scheme Type OAuth2
clientCredentials OAuth Flow
Token URL: https://auth.staging.tilia-inc.com/token


    When making an API request that is either returning personalized customer data or acting on behalf of a customer, the customer's consent is required.

    Security Scheme Type OAuth2
    password OAuth Flow
    Token URL: auth.tilia-inc.com/token
    • read_kyc -

      Grants permission to read an account's KYC state

    • read_kycs -

      Grants permission to read the KYC state of multiple accounts

    • verify_kyc -

      Grants permission to create a KYC verification session for an account