PII (1.0.0)

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Use this API to verify the Know Your Customer (KYC) status for an account.

Tilia ensures your payout transactions meet KYC requirements by gathering and verifying your customer's identity information and related documents.

Users wishing to receive payouts are required to submit KYC data, which must be validated and accepted by Tilia before funds can be released. Users submit KYC data via the KYC flow, which may be called as a standalone or as part of the payout flow.

Whether or not your service should check KYC status depends on whether or not you are supporting payouts. If so, prior to initiating a payout request, you'll want to

  1. Check your customer's KYC status, and

  2. Send the customer through the KYC flow, if necessary.

KYC verification occurs both synchronously and asynchronously, and users may need to submit their KYC details more than once.

KYC information can not be modified through this API. Any changes must be made through Tilia Customer Support.

Check KYC status

Retrieves the status of the latest KYC information submitted for the account and an array of matched account scores.

Each matched account score indicates how similar the KYC application data matches existing PII. A match score of 1.0 is a perfect match.

IMPORTANT: Accounts must have accepted KYC data on file in order to accrue a balance that may be paid out. If the KYC state is NODATA, DENY, or CANCEL, direct the user to resubmit KYC data using the KYC flow.

path Parameters
string (AccountId) <= 36 characters

The account ID to retrieve.

Example: acct_2TiDFXHVFMlAuyy7ovvz3YPKv9b

Successfully retrieved KYC status.


Invalid input.


Unauthorized access.


Service unavailable or server error.

Request samples
Response samples
  • "status": "Success",
  • "message": null,
  • "codes": null,
  • "payload": {