Wallets (1.0.0)

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The Wallets API enables you to determine the amount of a given currency belonging to an account. Each account may have multiple wallets, but a wallet belongs to only one account. For example, Alice may have a Wallet in USD, a Wallet in LindenDollars, and a Wallet in SandDollars.

Wallet Properties

Wallet ID - The unique identifier for this wallet. This is a randomly generated UUID, and is generated on wallet creation. This property is read-only.

Account ID - This is the Tilia account ID of the wallet's owner. This property is read-only.

Currency - This is a three character string representing the wallet's currency. This property is set on wallet creation, and cannot be altered.

Current Balance - This an the integer value to the lowest denomination of the current currency. The value is set to 0 at wallet creation. The only way to alter this value is through a wallet transaction.

Description - The wallet's description is a string value that helps the owner differentiate between their wallets in a human-readable way. This value can be empty. The maximum length is 100 characters. The description can contain unicode characters. This value is updateable.



Security Scheme Type OAuth2
password OAuth Flow
Token URL: https://auth.staging.tilia-inc.com/token
  • create_wallet -

    Grants permission to create wallets

  • delete_wallet -

    Grants permission to delete a wallet

  • read_wallet -

    Grants permission to read wallet data

  • update_wallet -

    Grants permission to update wallet data